Weddings vary from city to city. Even though most of the components are similar or stay the same, the choice of how the day will unfold really is up to each individual couple. 

Bree and Eric opted for a less traditional route...or at least... something different than what I'm use to. And folks.... it's my new favorite. 


Brunch!! Who doesn't love brunch?? Isn't it your favorite meal of the weekend? I say weekend ..because often it's a Saturday/Sunday thing. A treat almost. When someone says brunch we all get excited. It's special. And most often, you need a nap afterwards. Not going to lie- it was a hot day in New York City...and having fried chicken and waffles in that heat was a potential mix for disaster...but everyone was fed, happy and ready to party.

The reception was held at the stunning Woodland NyC Restaurant in Brooklyn. It was the perfect venue for a wedding reception. 

Guests enjoyed the donut tower (yes you heard me) and many other delicious breakfast delights as Bree and Eric mingled with the crowd. She looked STUNNING. Her dress was custom made by Brides By Nona which was absolutely exquisite. After their bruncheon and dancing the three of us headed off into Dumbo Brooklyn for their photos. Through the heat and the potential chance of rain, we had a killer photo session enjoying every minute of it. 

Here are some of my favorites from the big day ! 

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