This is a short little 'blurb' about our trip to Vancouver this past March where we made a workcation out of a wonderful wedding trip, got to see some amazing friends of ours and eat sushi until we grew gills. I am not your typical tourist vacationer. I try my hardest to not stand out as a tourist. I'd rather blend in, be with the locals and 'be' a local as much as possible. Now, that's not to say that I don't like to venture out and scout the city, see the sights and hear the sounds. But I basically just prefer to let things happen organically. Museums? Boring. Guided tours? Where do I get off. You see, so often I live my life in a very fast paced, highly scheduled way that when it's time to stop and 'smell the roses' I take my sweet time and forget about everything else. I sleep in on vacation. I like to get lost in a city. And eat. Boy do I like to eat. I savour each moment passionately and so far, every vacation that I've treated this way has handed right back to me the best vacation ever. Anytime we're off travelling into new, untouched territory you better believe that the only thing we really research is food spots. Cheap dives, slightly expensive thrills. We love it all.

The other aspect that makes me a not-so-typical tourist is that I rarely take out my camera when on vacation. I sometimes just want to be 'one' with the sights and the sounds. See? Hardly a tourist at all! But really much of my life I have that camera glued to me, making sure not to 'miss a thing'. WHICH I LOVE.  This is most important for our huge events (cough cough ...ones wedding day!) Therefore, I prefer to photograph for others so they can truly savour their moments rather than trying to find their camera whilst missing the moment entirely. So when I get the chance to savour my own moments oh you know I do. Wholsouled. Willingly.

Vancouver gave Ben and I that opportunity. Not exactly Vancouver though. Let me rephrase. Our host and hostess with the mostest gave us the opportunity of a lifetime. They took us in, they squeezed us fresh grapefruit juice in the morning and took us to the best pastry/sushi/coffee/thai places by day and night. They had us really experience what Vancouver is all about: FOOD. Fresh mouth watering food. Incredible views and more importantly, relaxation with the best of company and the most breathtaking view. What more could we ask for? Nothing. (More sushi NAO! Right Z?)

We even had the chance to take a long relaxing drive out to Harrison Hot Springs where no, we did not get into our skimpies and go into the hot water but we did get to see the most gorgeous mountainous view I've ever ever seen. And even got to play with the cutest little pitbull named Meeka. She only made me miss my darling Betsey even more but it's ok I got to photograph her at least which made me feel better ;).

So while I took very few photos... I have so many fond memories right up there in my minds bank. And should I need a refresher I just need to call L & Z or skype my darling Sabrina, see their beaming happy faces and realize that no matter the distance, a good friend and a good memory is only a photo or phone call away. (Or better yet, another vacation ;) )