Veronica is a woman who knows what she wants. And when it came to choosing her photographer, she knew she wanted us to photograph her wedding. <insert my happiness here . > Even having to go as far as waiting a few MONTHS for ME to give her the thumbs up or thumbs down as I was unsure if I'd be available for her wedding. Now that's pretty gutsy of her, as I know many would have just gone away and looked for another Montreal photographer for their wedding day. I love this girl. I love her spark, her passion for life. It's something we connected on. And it carried through the entire day.

Veronica and Jan had a very interesting theme. It was movie-themed. But no, not in a cheesy way at all. It was edgy. It was dramatic. Each table was it's own movie theme.... not Cinderella.... not "Ps I Love You". "The Notebook?" Try again. More like "The Dark Knight"... "The Shawshank Redemption" and of course, "Braveheart". Why not? Everything but the typical and expected, they had all the right elements. Which should not be surprising. Jan comes from a film background, with members of his family being involved in directing and producing film for some years. So it came as no surprise when I was handed my own invitation to their wedding, essentially we were all invited to a premier of their own movie entitled 'The Wedding'. You can guess who the lead actor and actress were :). You know, I thought to myself- 'Man. This couple knows what they're doing.' I was so excited.

As everyone partied on into the night I could see that through everything, they knew how to share their story with their family and friends. How to really celebrate their love, their life, their marriage. It was better than a fairytale. Better than your favorite movie. It was real. Through these images, these stills if you will, Vero and Jan can always be transported back to their moments to their very own movie. 

Congratulations to the both of you. I'm so happy to have been a part of your day.  


Dress: Justin Alexander from Anne Jean-Michel

Venue: Entrepots Dominion

Caterer- Parreira


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